Your Most Valuable Asset - People

Build Your Workforce With the Cream-of-the-Crop

Stop wasting time and money with unskilled employees.
Be a part of an employer-driven training module to elevate your workforce

Imagine a world where you have a stable and reliable pipeline of highly qualified talent and you post increasing retention rates. Fortified Academy is excited to work with you to make that dream a reality. Through the Registered Apprentice Program, we work with employers to equip and train employees to have the necessary skills to excel in their trade as well as mentor them to become a part of your company.

Commit to skill-based learning and watch your company and employees grow. It will also help you attract a wider and more diverse talent pool.

Benefits of being a RAP Employer with Fortified Academy

  • Skilled Compliance & Safety CDL Apprentice
  • Builds a learning culture and provides leadership opportunities to current employees.
  • Enhances the skills of existing workers through apprenticeship participation and creates a plan for career growth.
  • Increased employee retention as apprentices complete a Registered Apprenticeship Program.
  • Registered with the United States Department of Labor Apprenticeship as an Apprentice Employer for Fortified Academy.
  • Subsidized Apprentice Pay
  • Qualify for OJT hours on Government Contracts


  • CDL Mentor with a minimum of two years experience to monitor Apprentice.
  • Submit monthly assessment reports for your Apprentice to Fortified.
  • Monthly Zoom/In-Person review of Assessments with Fortified Program
  • Manager/CDL Instructor
    Employment Availability for CDL Driver (Over-the-Road, Local or Construction Hauling)
  • Agree to adhere to RAP standard and wage requirements.