Fortified Academy began in 2019 under the name Get On Your Feet. Our passion and mission was to help individuals get on their feet through mentorship and the training to earn prevailing wages through a CDL career. Our focus was on individuals coming out of incarceration and rescued from human trafficking. We also incorporated preventive efforts, reaching out to the teenage population with mentorships and character development to break the cycle of incarceration. When the pandemic hit, like many organizations, those efforts came to a screeching halt.

Jump ahead three years, and our family-owned trucking company initiated the hiring of drivers fresh out of CDL school. What became apparent was a disparity between the information taught and the vital skills needed to excel safely in the role. Recognizing this void, we realized that hands-on experience behind the wheel was indispensable – a philosophy deeply ingrained in the mentorship and programs we had already established prior to the pandemic.

By leveraging our experience with Get on Your Feet and integrating our deep-rooted expertise in the trucking sector, we can provide comprehensive training and mentorship programs. These initiatives empower individuals to realize their potential and accomplish their aspirations, thereby enhancing their employer’s capacity to meet customer needs effectively. This ultimate results in a stronger community.


Fortified Academy is dedicated to providing comprehensive workforce training, mentorship, and other resources within the CDL career path. Our aim is to empower individuals to attain personal and economic advancement for their families and the community.