Expand your workforce of skilled drivers

Working together to offer life-changing Pre-Apprentice and Apprentice programs

Embarking on a journey toward rebuilding lives isn’t a solitary endeavor—it’s a collective effort that thrives on community support. That’s where Fortified Academy comes in as your ultimate ally in workforce development within the trucking industry. We’re on the lookout for like-minded organizations eager to join forces to offer our Continuum of Care for CDL drivers. Together, let’s empower and mentor the upcoming cohort of proficient CDL Drivers, while rejoicing in each individual’s triumphs along the way! Join us in shaping a brighter future, one success story at a time.

Benefits of Being an Organization Partner

  • Certified training curriculum and assessments provided by CDL Instructors
  • Mentorship through the process
  • Onsite training options for the Pre-Apprentice Program
  • A partnership with Fortified Academy to build a network of skilled drivers