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Accelerating Success: Emerge CDL Pre-Apprentice Program Inaugural Class

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In the dynamic landscape of the transportation industry, the need for skilled Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders has never been greater. Aspiring individuals seeking to embark on a fulfilling career in trucking often face various hurdles, from obtaining proper training to securing job opportunities. However, initiatives like the Emerge CDL Pre-Apprentice Program are lighting the path for these individuals, offering comprehensive training and support to kickstart their journey towards success.

We are excited to celebrate the completion of our first cohort of the Emerge Pre-Apprentice Program in February 2024. Working with Hazelbrook Community Center’s WAGEES program, it was comprised of a great group of committed students. We are excited to see them continue this journey and get behind the CDL wheel.

The Emerge CDL Pre-Apprentice Program stands as a beacon of hope for those looking to enter the trucking profession. Designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully complete their Entry Level Driving Training (ELDT) and excel in the trucking industry. It fosters a holistic approach, focusing not only on technical proficiency but also on fostering confidence, compliance, and safety– qualities essential for thriving in the ever-evolving world of transportation.

The pre-apprentices commented on how the course increased their confidence in the ability to step through this process and come out with their CDL. Others were grateful for the amount of information  that was disseminated during the classes. The personal touch with real life stories from our CDL Instructors was a big hit as well.

Congratulations to this great class!

As we celebrate the achievements of those who have completed the Emerge program, we also look towards the future with optimism. With a new generation of skilled and motivated truck drivers entering the workforce, the future of transportation looks brighter than ever. Through initiatives like Emerge, we are not just training drivers; we are shaping the future of the industry, one journey at a time.

Are you considering a career as a truck driver? Embark on our CDL Continuum of Care, beginning with our Emerge Pre-Apprentice Program. We’ll accompany you every step of the way, from the initial stages to completing your Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) and becoming skilled behind the wheel.