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Fortified Academy Educated Young Women about the Trucking Industry at Cherry Creek School’s Women in Industry Forum

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The Cherry Creek School District’s Women in Industry Forum is breaking barriers and inspiring young women to explore non-traditional career paths, including the trucking industry. This initiative is crucial in addressing the gender gap in professions like Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Drivers, where women are significantly underrepresented.

One of the focal points of the forum is introducing students to the CDL and the opportunities it unlocks. With the demand for CDL drivers on the rise, there’s never been a better time for young women to consider this as a viable and rewarding career option. With FMCSA’s new age requirement lowered to 18, this opens this industry wide for interested parties. 

Fortified Academy was able to share their experiences and insights, offering valuable mentorship to aspiring CDL drivers at the Women in Industry Forum in April of 2024.  Through answering questions, participants gained a deeper understanding of the trucking industry’s nuances and the skills required to excel as CDL drivers.

One of the key messages conveyed during these sessions is the inclusivity and diversity within the trucking sector. By showcasing various career opportunities for women in the trucking industry, the forum dispels stereotypes and encourages young women to envision themselves thriving in this dynamic field.

Moreover, Fortified Academy explains the economic prospects associated with a career as a CDL driver. The competitive salaries, job stability, and opportunities for advancement make it an attractive choice for those seeking a fulfilling and sustainable profession.

In conclusion, Fortified Academy assumes a pivotal role in reshaping societal norms and encouraging diversity in traditionally male-majority  industries like trucking. Empowering young women to consider a career as a CDL driver not only benefits individuals but also enriches the industry as a whole, driving innovation and progress.

If you are interested in exploring the prospect of becoming a CDL driver, check out our Emerge Pre-Apprentice Program.

If you have a group of individuals who might be interested in this career path please reach out through our contact page to see about scheduling a time.